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No Water Waste,

No Maintenance,

No Electricity,

No Problem!

No Water Waste, Water is Life

While most whole home water filtration systems waste between 6,000 – 8,000 gallons of water annually, we designed The SmartWater Solution with not only our customers in mind, but also the environment.


The SmartWater Solution  wastes ZERO water, has ZERO regular maintenance and uses ZERO electricity.


The SmartWater Solution system does not waste water by returning unused water from the system back to the home's hot water supply.


​The problem with most water filtration systems is the constant maintenance they require. But that’s not a problem for the SmartWater Solution . It’s designed to last longer than anything on the market today. You will get the same powerful filtering capability for 10 years guaranteed without any maintenance required which is backed by our 10 year warranty! It only needs the filter changed on average once a year based on a family size of four.


​Water and electricity don’t mix, so American Smart Home found a better way. The SmartWater Solution system is powered by the force of moving water offering 8 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) flow rate with low pressure drop, using no electricity. Our patented, “unplugged” approach to water treatment eliminates the hassles of timers and computers—there’s nothing to plug in, and there are no electrical components to set, adjust, repair or replace. Our systems also monitor water use and only process your water when needed, eliminating waste.

Eco-Friendly Technology

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