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Water filtration and treatment can enhance the quality of your water at home and can contribute to your day-to-day comfort & hydration. American Smart Home offers various types of water purification options, including:

  • Point-Of-Entry or Whole House Water Filtration that provide cleaner, fresher water from every faucet.

  • Point-Of-Use Water Filtration for everyday drinking water solutions that produces purified water.


The Whole House Water Filtration

The Point-Of-Entry (POE) filtration system from American Smart Home is a convenient, easy to use solution for filtering water as it enters into the home. This means no more pitchers with filters taking up space in the fridge or unsightly clunky attachments on the faucet or expensive filter changes for water from the fridge. Rather, filtered high-quality water easily flows from all of the taps in the home; fresh, clean and filtered of impurities.

How the Solution Works

The POE System consists of only two components:

Filter Housing

This lightweight housing connects to the plumbing at the point where water enters the home. It is designed for convenient and easy connection to existing points-of-entry water sources in most homes. This strong, long-lasting and slim vessel unit houses a filter that filters all the water as it enters the home. A convenient, snap-ring design ensures replacing the filter is a breeze.

Water Filter

The housing connects to the plumbing, and the filter does the work. The filter remove impurities from the water before it flows to the home’s taps. This means you get the same clean, filtered water from every faucet. The filter lasts for up to a year – before it needs to be replaced (depending on your water usage). And each filter has a proprietary handle designed top-cap for lightweight and easy removal and install.

What Are The Amazing Benefits?

New POE.png
Made in th USA

Provides clean, clear and great

tasting water for the entire home.

Scale inhibitor technology

to extend the life of water

related appliances and

plumbing fixtures.

Removes chlorine and/or

chloramine, LEAD, tastes

and odors from your

home water.

Uses the most advanced filtration system that exists today with NO water waste.

Uses a proprietary filter technology lasting up to 100,000 Gallons of water, approximately one year of life based on a family of four.

GPM high flow rate with

low pressure drop.

Eliminates the need to

purchase bottled water

saving you $$$.

ZERO Electricity

ZERO Drainage

ZERO Water Waste

ZERO Salt Refills

ZERO Maintenance

Built in bypass for easy filter change.

8 GPM high flow rate system with low

pressure drop.

POE Smart Cap.png

Smart CAP with real-time LED lighting to notify you of any problems or need of filter replacement

Guaranteed Savings
No Hidden Fees

Bottled water is costly for your budget and the environment.


Only one monthly low payment.

10 Year Warranty

No Extended Warranty Required.

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